The Interactive Academy is a digital teaching resource for teachers and students. The web application was designed by teachers during the first lockdown in March 2020 to meet current teaching needs. The platform went live in March 2021 after testing by many teachers and their students. The Interactive Academy can be used at school and/or at home on a computer, tablet or telephone.

The Interactive Academy was tested for several months with students from several levels. The teachers found that the platform helped motivate students to work all subjects at home or at school.

Thanks to a range of educational tools like learning through play and cooperation, the students help each other and work together more to progress in their virtual school. This improves group cohesion and they also learn through play using technologies that interest them.

Simply register here for free: Create a teacher account. You will have three activities to create your exercises in under 15 minutes to share with your students in class and/or at home.

Yes. Students don’t need to have a computer to use the Interactive Academy. They can quickly complete all of your exercises using a browser connection from a smartphone or a tablet. Students can also connect in person using the school’s equipment.

We currently offer three subscription levels with different functionality so that you can use the platform according to your needs.

White subscription

Vous disposez de 3 canevas activités que vous compléterez grâce à vos cours. Cet abonnement vous permet de créer 30 activités et d’associer 30 élèves à votre compte. L’abonnement White est idéal pour tester l’Interactive Academy avec un groupe-classe choisi avant de prendre un abonnement supérieur vous permettant plus de possibilités. Inscrivez-vous à l’abonnement White ici : Create a teacher account.

Silver subscription

This subscription provides two additional activities templates in addition to the three basic ones, for a total of five activities. With the Silver subscription, you can manage your teacher account by grouping your activities the way you want (by chapter, by subject, or by the chronological order of your courses). You can create as many activities as you like and add all of your students to your account.

Gold subscription

The Gold subscription is recommended by most teacher users. It provides eight activities templates to create fun, quick, entertaining and interactive activities! You can manage your teacher account by grouping activities the way you want (by chapter, by subject or by the chronological order of your courses). You can also classify them to create files on your account. You can create as many activities as you want and add all of your students to your account.

Manolo will provide a refund of up to 100% for the Interactive Academy! Manolo is a grant/subsidy for primary and secondary educational institutions organised or subsidised by the French Community. Contact us by email at emilie@interactive-academy.education to schedule a free visit by a platform representative who will help you with the steps you will need to take at your school.

We are not providing completed exercises on the platform for the time being. However, the Interactive Academy was designed to be very easy to use and very intuitive. We provide up to eight activities templates which you can complete based on your courses and needs in 15 minutes.

The Interactive Academy was designed to be super intuitive. It’s very easy to use, even for teachers who are not familiar with digital technology. The platform was designed by teachers for teachers to meet current educational needs. Each teacher decides on the frequency and duration of use to motivate their students.